Aboriginal tourism, the special taste of Canada!

This blog invites you to explore the many enriching and immersive Aboriginal experiences that you can have only in Canada.

For thousands of years, Canadian Aboriginal people have passed on their culture, language and heritage to younger generations ensuring that their unique practices are still alive.

Be part of the journey and explore the rich diversity of the highly appealing experience offered across Canada.

No matter what your interests are, you will find ways in which you can connect with the world’s oldest living culture. So be part of the journey and discover what Aboriginal tourism attractions give you whether through nature tours, history, archaeological sites, traditional arts, cuisine and unforgettable stories.

Where to start?

More blog posts will follow to dig into each and every Aboriginal community and what they can bring to enrich your experience. 

This one, however, aims at providing you with interesting links and websites that may put Aboriginal destinations on your list once you hit the road.

The three-part series showcased through the CTV Canada AM website is a must see: Loren Christie, the travel expert’s interesting series focuses on Aboriginal tourism in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northern Ontario.

Part One : Alberta’s Writing-On-Stone Provisional Park.

Part Two: The Art of Hoop Dancing at the Wanuskewin National Heritage Park, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Part Three: Ontario’s Manitoulin Island.

Aboriginal Tourism BC with its things to do, places to go, events and packages is definitely where you find answers for your questions once you decide to visit British Columbia. Talking tree, rainforest, archaeological and fishing tours to camping and kayaking, these are just few of the many adventures waiting in BC for you to discover.

Quebec Aboriginal Tourism is another interesting website to live your dream: come and experience ethno-tourism, adventure travel, cruises, hunting, fishing, authentic gourmet cuisine, culture and handicrafts.

Last great website for today is Aboriginal Canada. It is an attractive website about indigenous events, attractions and experiences. You can browse by region, date and culture whether First Nation, Metis or Inuit.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come…

This blog post is submitted as part of the course work for ISI 5301, Information and Society in the Master of Information Studies program.